NERS030: Alex Amaro – Rise VIP Plus Eric Mark Remix

Alex Amaro - Rise (VIP + Remix)

NERS030: Alex Amaro – Rise VIP Plus Eric Mark Remix

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Alex Amaro is back on Nightenjin with a treat! Last June, we worked with the Oakland producer to release the original “Rise” mix to benefit the NAACP. We’re happy to be working with him again for this two-track remix EP featuring a bass house VIP from the legend himself as well as a Drum n Bass flip from Eric Mark. The EP is set to release on Nightenjin, April 14.

“Rise” is still one of my favorite tracks to date. It was my real entrance after rebranding. After playing the original for over a year in every set, I thought that a fresh take was needed. The bass line sound is base on Chris Lorenzo’s remix of “Word.” The “Word” remix EP was actually the source of inspiration for this entire project. After hearing the Eric Mark remix [of “Word”], so I reached out to him on Twitter. I could hear his style playing well for a “Rise” remix so I sent him the original and he agreed to remix it.

Alex Amaro

Alex Amaro’s “Rise” VIP is the quintessential bass house tune. An intense, bellowing build-up leads to a piercing drop that’ll have you grooving all night long. Eric Mark takes a different approach on the track. His remix features blasting breakbeats and hypnotic synths that spotlight the raggae vocals perfectly. Whatever vibe you’re going for, you’ll definitely find it in this remix EP.


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