Exclusive Interview With Fun Fakt

Interview With Fun Fakt

Exclusive Interview With Fun Fakt

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Right before the year ended we had the chance to sit down with one of Detroit’s up and coming young duo Fun Fakt. Nick and Robert the duo behind Fun Fakt had a lot to share with us as we go into how the duo came to be after meeting at a show and what style of music they like to play among other things. We’ve had the great opportunity of seeing them perfume on a few occasions and we can safely say they have never disappointed us.

Check out the interview below to learn a little more about this dynamic duo from the Motor City!

Fun Fakt just did a special Christmas edition of the Bassdrop guest mix this past December, so be sure to listen and enjoy.

Bassdrop: What’s the story behind Fun Fakt?
Fun Fakt: The story behind Fun Fakt is actually really simple, we were both playing at the same event when we both decided it might be more fun to just play back to back with each other. So we did and it ended up being really fun and sounded really different. So we walked outside after our set and said “that was FUN and that’s a Fact”. From that point forward we were FUN FAKT!!

BD: What’s story behind the masks?
FF: We wanted to separate ourselves from just being another couple of guys on stage, we wanted to visually make it fun for people not only with lights but with our outfits and masks! And what’s not fun about a couple of guys wearing smiley faces playing awesome music and having fun on stage!

BD: For those out there who aren’t familiar with your music, please describe your style.
FF:We like to think of our music to be a Hybrid combination of Heavy Electro House and Trap.

BD: Who or what are your biggest sources of inspiration for your music?
FF:There is defiantly a lot of inspiration behind the music we create but just a few people we were inspired by would be Wolfgang Gartner, Savant, Pegboard Nerds, and as a duo Jack U!

BD: What do you think makes you unique in an industry flooded with talent?
FF: We like to say that our energy and basically our act of FUN FAKT is what makes us different. We came from totally different backgrounds for example, Taylor had been producing for more than Nine years as well as being a DJ and Nick had been only playing vinyl for four years before switching to a computer and cdjs. So combining both our skills has made us an awesome duo that is getting better and better every show we play!

BD: What are your goals for your music career for the next few years?
FF: Well we defiantly have our sights set on some festivals we’d love to be apart of, but also creating a label with some other artists and really get the production out to our fans!

BD: If you could work with any artist, who would it be and why?
FF: Hands down Savant and Pegboard Nerds, There both such amazing producers and djs, the shows they put on are incredible.

BD: If you could do one thing with your music career, what would that be?
FF: Just share music with everyone we can and help them experience music with love and passion the way we do, defiantly want to help others get into music that haven’t had the blessings we’ve been fortunate to receive.

BD: Are there any new projects that we can know about?
FF: All we can say is that there will be an EP in the near future of all Original tracks from FUN FAKT with some music you might not expect. Also be on the look for a new artist FOOD FIGHT we’ve been working with and are really good friends with.


BD: Anything else not mentioned here that you’d like to tell the fans?
FF: We just want to tell our fans that we really do appreciate all the support that you have been giving us, not only here in the United States but in Canada. The love is amazing we would not be able to do what we love without your love! And to our families for all the support Thank you, we couldn’t do it without you. And lastly Thanks to BassDrop for giving us this opportunity, its been a lot of fun and we hope you enjoy the mix!!!!



Favorite City?

Favorite venue?

Favorite track to play at a show?
Low Rider (Lookas Remix)

Favorite DJ/Producer at the moment?
Pegboard Nerds

Life of a DJ?




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