Exclusive Interview with Pink Panda

Interview with Pink Panda

Exclusive Interview with Pink Panda

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We recently had the chance to visit Pink Panda and learn a little more about the unique UK panda DJ duo. Having had a rough childhood, the two young pandas escaped animal testing and formed a relationship by discovering electronic music. Not only is Pink Panda an eye-opening act in todays EDM scene but their music has its own unique flavor as well with big loud progressive techno vibe. Pink Panda looks to take over Europe in the months to come and eventually the rest of the world including North America which we hope to catch a show and party with the duo when they come here.

You may have seen the Panda duo rocking Bassdrop tees all over Europe recently and we’re happy to announce we’ll be working more closely with Pink Panda in the future. Stay tuned for some amazing collaborations.

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Bassdrop: For those out there who aren’t familiar with your music, please describe your style.
Pink Panda: We produce Big, Loud, Progressive House fused with Techno beats.

BD: What’s the story behind Pink Panda?
PP: We we’re stolen from our natural habitat & smuggled to the UK for animal testing… We escaped & became best pals & discovered making beats & producing tracks together!

BD: What’s it like to be two pandas who DJ?
PP: Very rewarding, to take our music out to the clubbers and see them buzz to it is the best feeling!

BD: Who or what are your biggest sources of inspiration for your music?
PP: We love all genres of music and film, a lot of our ideas come from random things we hear or watch…Obviously Dj’s like Hardwell / Judge Jules / Michael Woods have inspired our general direction the last couple years!

BD: You seem to be primary based in Europe any plans to hit North America?
PP: Yeah, our record label Carrillo Music is a U.S label and we’ve been getting mad love from U.S fans since the start, probably later this year into 2015 we’ll do a tour out there.

BD: If you could work with any artist, who would it be and why?
PP: Oh God, there’s sooo many !! Pretty much anyone who makes sick beats is welcome in our studio!


BD: If you could do one thing with your music career, what would that be?
PP: Selling out Wembley Stadium for a Pandamonium festival gig would be pretty cool, also turn back time and rescore The Matrix movie 😉

BD: When on tour, what do you do to kill time? Is there even time to kill?
PP: Mainly work on music and watch movies…and eat bamboo ! We love trying all the food from the countries we travel to. That’s the best perk for sure.

BD: Are there any new projects that we can know about?
PP: Always new stuff going on…Our next single “Trippin” is out early August and some very cool collaborations coming but they’re hush-hush I’m afraid.


BD: Anything else not mentioned here that you’d like to tell the fans?
PP: Just thanks for all the support so far, Couldn’t do this without our wicked Panda fans helping us keep motivated with their kind words and love!

Nature One – Golden Twenty – Pink Panda Live Mix

Drop Round!

Favorite City to play in? – Jakarta
Favorite DJ/Producer you have worked with? – Danny Howard
What is your favorite track to play at a show? – Pink Panda – Cry Freedom
Favorite DJ/Producer at the moment? – Futuristic Polar Bears
Life of a DJ? – Bambootastic
London? – Beautiful
Bassdrop? – AWESOME!

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