Fuck Cancer Is Changing The Way People Think About Cancer

Fuck Cancer

Fuck Cancer Is Changing The Way People Think About Cancer

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Fuck Cancer is a non-profit dedicated to the prevention and early detection of cancer. It believes that people diagnosed with cancer, their families and support network should have equitable access to early detection, prevention and psychosocial support; most noteworthy since 2009, the organization had raised over $2+ million towards cancer research and digital tools by programs, events and digital initiatives that are changing the way people think and talk about cancer and ultimately improve health outcomes.

Fuck Cancer will host two events in Canada, on Saturday February 3rd, in Ottawa and Lethbridge.

Following my successful battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2012 — says Riley Miller — I reached out to Julie Greenbaum in Montreal to organize the first F Cancer Lethbridge Event, launched in the fall of 2013. Since then, we’ve raised well over $26,000 CAD from our Lethbridge events alone going into the 4th year. Lethbridge is kind of melting pot for musical taste and with that, my friends involved bring their own musical personality to the night, starting off with house and club music, then slowly move towards bass and trap vibes as the night goes on.

Singular is that the tickets for the events are in the form of T-Shirts which we love, and there are 5 different colours that represent different Cancer ribbons:

  • Teal: Ovarian
  • Purple: Pancreatic
  • Lime: Lymphoma
  • Orange: Leukemia
  • Pink: Breasts

The non-profit has made huge waves internationally, organizing several red carpet events with endorsements from Scooter Braun, Martin Garrix, Justin Blau (3lau), and more.

Fuck Cancer is working hard to eliminate certain types of cancer for subsequent generations; in 2016, they made the NOT US campaign, a movement dedicated to promoting HPV vaccination and screening protocols as an urgent priority, planning to achieve this through goals like education and action.

Not only that, the website has got a community blog section that collects stories people faced with cancer:

  • Race Car Driver Diagnosed Before The Mile Miglia: The story of Danny, that went to the dentist for a toothache some days before a race in Italy and then visited a specialist who immediately determined that something wasn’t right;
  • Normal Was The Goal: A girl who beated cancer at 18 years old but didn’t felt normal when the doctors told the scans were clear, the chemo treatments were over and her hair started to grow back;
  • Treading Water: How Katelyn Perigard faced her cancer and reacted to her clear scans, her concerns and new objectives.

Their full story and milestone can be found at www.letsfcancer.com

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