Ghost Channels Interview + New Track Shut Up with FreeFall

Ghost Channels Interview

Ghost Channels Interview + New Track Shut Up with FreeFall

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We discovered Ghost Channels a few months ago thanks to his standout track “Bermuda Triangle” and have been fans ever since. We’ve seen Ghost Channels release one hit after another so we thought it would be an amazing time to interview him and learn a little more about the young producer from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Upon talking with Mike, it was clear he had the passion for this business and the drive to succeed in the ever-growing scene.

Bonus New Track

As soon as we thought we were out of fresh ways to make bass house, Freefall and Ghost Channels come up to the plate and hit a home run with “Shut Up” thanks to its stuttered baselines and rhythmic bass house intricacies. Start to finish head bobbing is a must, with seamless transitions into the perfect amount of energy for the drops. Sound design game on point, leaving you with all the sounds we love, mixed in a unique way. Does it leave me with the feeling that I have to check the rest of these guys Soundcloud? You betcha it does. This tracks a sure thing. Win win all day!


Bassdrop: What’s the story behind Ghost Channels?
Ghost Channels:
I started experimenting with beats and stuff when I was about 15 years old. I was much more of a guitar and singer person back then. I wanted to make songs but didn’t really have a band around me so I dicked around and learned how to put some very crude repeating basslines and drum loops under me. I put out a few albums over a long stretch that were more indie stuff and then it just kind of spiraled along with my music progression into full on electronic stuff that I do today. So about 13 years of crappy music to somewhat less crappy music.

Bassdrop: What inspired you to start producing and DJing?
Ghost Channels:
I wanted to have my own little backing band that I could sing and play guitar over. I was and still am very inspired by Radiohead but I used to try to sound EXACTLY like them. I picked up DJing because I wanted an avenue to play my songs that were more electronic. Even though I was confident enough to play my own stuff until the last few years or so.

BD: For those out there who aren’t familiar with your music, please describe your style.
I like to say it’s somewhere between groove and filth. I have a pretty substantial jazz background so I think that still bleeds through into my style and mostly house but I like to wander a bit.

BD: Who or what are your biggest sources of inspiration for your music?
Radiohead, Blur, Animal Collective and Kanye West are my big non-producer type inspirations. As far as dance music, Jameston Thieves, Ghastly, Aaron Jackson, Dr. Fresch, Mind CNTRL, Claude VonStroke and anyone from Dirtybird really. I don’t know, it’s hard to list everyone because I listen to new music all day as my desk job is not very taxing.

BD: You have been busy, releasing some amazing tracks. What keeps you motivated?
I am always making music, I usually have about 10-15 projects going on at once and I just kind of bounce around to where my head leads me. So even if I get writers block per say I still just open my computer and poop out some crappy idea that will turn into something later. I just like making music and have been doing it for a decade when no one gave a shit haha.

BD: What has been your most memorable moment to date?

Playing at Summer Set Music Festival was very cool, had a full production and what not. Then I’d also say getting the chance to basically meet all of my peers in the bass house realm over the last year or so.

BD: If you could work with any artist, who would it be and why?
Well, Thom Yorke or Damon Albarn would be my ridiculous never gonna happen dreams. Other artists I really want to work with might have some collabs with me in the future so I won’t narrow it down haha.

BD: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not making or playing music?
Going to shows I suppose? Outside of music, my life is very boring I have a full-time job, girlfriend, music repeat forever.

Ghost Channels

Photo by Weekend Natives / Bad Genie

BD: Are there any new projects that we can know about?
Umm too many, I have a few Audiophile XXL releases coming, a few Basscvlt releases coming, some VIPs I might just throw out there and some stuff I can’t talk about. That’s what I’m supposed to say to sound cool right?

Bassdrop: Anything else not mentioned here that you’d like to tell the fans?
Ghost Channels:
Thank you for giving me any time of your day to listen to the crap that comes out of my computer, it still blows my mind that I have any ‘fans’ to begin with.


City? Minneapolis
Song? Kideko and George Kwali – Crank It
DJ? Claude VonStroke and Green Velvet aka GET REAL
Sports? Nope
Food? Buffalo and Blue cheese anything
Drink? Whiskey & Coke in the Winter and Gin & Tonic in the Summer.
Bassdrop? So much style I have to hide my swag.

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