Interview with Rad Cat

Rad Cat Interview

Interview with Rad Cat

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I first came across Rad Cat when I heard his sultry future bass remix of ‘Gnash’ by Oxytocin. His name is Christian Ariza hailing from San Diego, United States. His kawaii and happiness inducing tracks will make you smile and fall in love. I had the pleasure of interviewing this stellar dude who you should be sure to keep an eye out for. Music has helped him express himself and there is nothing better than being able to share that passion with all his avid fans and new listeners.

Bassdrop: What’s the story behind Rad Cat?
Rad Cat:
I started the Rad Cat project back when I was a sophomore in high school. Back then, it was just a little hobby, something to pass the time. As time went by, I realized that producing was something that I really loved to do. Expressing yourself through music, and sharing it with the world is such a great feeling. I also realized that I didn’t suck at producing music, so that was nice too lol.


BD: How would you describe your style?
RC: It’s kind of hard for me to describe my style… But if I have to describe it, think anime + happy sounds.

BD: What made you get into electronic music in the first place?
RC: I used to really like listening to Rock, and I actually kind of hated electronic music lol. I thought that electronic music did not take that much talent to create, but damn I was very wrong. One day I heard “Ghosts n Stuff” by deadmau5. As soon as I heard that track, I was hooked on electronic music and I wanted to know more about it.


BD: How long have you been DJing and producing for?
RC: I think I’ve been doing it for 4 years at this point.


BD: Are there any artists in particular you want to work with and why?
RC: I can honestly only think of one, Alina Baraz. Her voice is amazing and I honestly think we could make beautiful music.
Rad Cat
BD: In your own opinion, what has been your favorite event and venue you’ve gotten to play at so far?
RC: I can’t really answer this, as I haven’t gotten the chance to play anywhere yet. But that may change soon 🙂


BD: Any upcoming projects or collaborations that you would like to tell us about?
RC: I’m always working on new material, expect more work with Blackbear and others 😉

Bassdrop: Anything else not mentioned you would like to tell your fans?
Rad Cat: Thank you for caring about Rad Cat :), the love & support is what keeps me going 🙂



Movie? Step Brothers
Genre? What is a genre?
Food? Pho
Drink? Horchata
Song? Flamingosis x Yung Bae – Groovin’
DJ/Producer? Producer
Hilary or Trump?? lol Good one
Festival? All of them just be safe
City? San Diego
Bassdrop? Y’all awesome, thank you 🙂

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