Interview with Fawks

Fawks Interview

Interview with Fawks

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We recently had the chance to get in the mind of Fawks a young DJ based out of Los Angeles. You may have previously known Garrett as GLock or more recently as Roniks. Fawks brings a mixture of UK Garage infused with hip-hop and heavy-hitting baseline to the table which is similar to the sounds of Ghastly and Jauz. Fawks has a lot of new projects dropping soon including remixes for SNBRN and Autograf among others. Check out the interview below to get a little taste of what Fawks is all about. We promise, you won’t be disappointed and may even laugh a little.

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Bassdrop: What’s the story behind Fawks?

Fawks: The name used to be GLock (my first and last name), and I made drum and bass, but I received a cease and desist letter from the gun company, Remington, who manufactures the gun GLOCK. Since I wasn’t about to get into a legal battle with a gun company, I had to change my name. RONIKS seemed like a good name, and I put out a track on Dim Mak. But after a bit of reflection realized that Roniks didn’t mean anything. At the time I was receiving a lot of career advice from a lot of people on what was “the right direction for success” and that didn’t sit well with me.

So the name FAWKS was born out of a backlash against what I was being told to do. It’s both a reference to Guy Fawkes who was a failed revolutionary in England and to the best video game of all time Star Fox. JUST KIDDING NINTENDO DON’T SUE ME PLS. (Does that make it safe?) The concept to free yourself from the limitations set by those around you and pursue what actually inspires you, in turn freeing yourself and freeing music from the gangly chains of industry.

BD: For those out there who arenโ€™t familiar with your music, please describe your style.

Fawks: A mixture of hip-hop and rap, infused with UK garage and the heavy-hitting baselines found in the newer house tunes like Tchami, Ghastly, Jauz and etc.

BD: Who or what are your biggest sources of inspiration for your music?

Fawks: UK music is the best music out there. Redlight, DubPhizix, Sub Focus, Metrik, Shadow Child, Lorenzo…. the list goes on. On the flip side, people like Goldlink, Big Sean, Logic, and Drake (Yes drake sorry whatever) have a super solid flow that I love to incorporate in my tunes. I hang out a bit with some of the bass house kids in the LA scene, so all of our styles tend to overlap, which is awesome when we all get together.

BD: What tools and software do you use to create your music?

Fawks: Abelton, in box software, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, publisher, DJ paper clip, Sim City 2000, Carmen Sandiego, the first Power Ranger’s movie, samples, friends voices, my voice, my roommate’s cat, 909s, 808s, 707s, 303s, and 1111’s make a wish.

BD: What do you think makes you unique in an industry flooded with talent?

Fawks: Sriracha.

BD: If you could work with any artist, who would it be and why?

Fawks: Anna Lunoe, Sandstorm, Cvked Up’s makeup, Kygo’s Pan Flute, Bass Hunter, Pete Tong, left Shark, my dad, Professor Meowingtons, Chris Lorenzo, Metrik, Skrillbot, Rob Swire, Keith Ape, Missy Elliot, Elvis, Socrates, Beethoven, Bach (my roommate’s cat), Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt and Anna Lunoe.

BD: If you could do one thing with your music career, what would that be?

Teach people how to play GTA without cheat codes.

BD: What has been your most memorable moment to date?

Fawks: I had a Neopet account which had like 4 million Neopoints and I walked into the market place and there was a fire spell for sale and I didn’t know what that was but it sounded tight. I traded most of my items (including the paintbrush) for the fire spell and then I got it and it was only worth like 15 Neopoints. It didn’t even work on my neo pet (which was the dog one) so I rage quit and haven’t played Neopets since.

BD: Are there any new projects that we can know about?

Fawks: A bunch of new music, a couple of singles on Ministry of Sound, a remix for Autograf on Ultra, a remix for SNBRN on Ministry of Sound, a remix for Mako. Theres a lot, I need a manager I can’t keep track of it right now.

BD: Anything else not mentioned here that youโ€™d like to tell the fans?

Fawks: Any of y’all have a date for next valentines day?



Favorite City? Flavortown

Favorite track to play at a show? Cha Cha Slide (Sorry that’s 3 words. well now it’s 7. Ah fuck!)

Life of a DJ? Belieb in yourself.

Sports? Star Wars

Pizza or Burger? Chicken and Waffles

Beer or Liquor? I’m sober jk, Mimosas.

Bassdrop? In soviet Russia, the bass drops you.

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