Interview with jPhelpz

jPhelpz Interview

Interview with jPhelpz

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Pronounced “Jay-Felps”, jPhelpz is a young blood producer from St.Louis, Missouri. An OG in the dubstep community that is respected by many for his cut throat and filthy productions who specializes in that bouncy, heavy, swampy robo bass sound. Before he made heavy bass music, he played drums and guitar in metal bands while producing his own tracks. With huge releases on labels like Datsik’s Firepower Records, Prime Audio and D-Jahsta’s own Xenomorph Recording. John has gained continuous support from artists such as; Funtcase, Modestep, Excision, 12th Planet and other artists.

The first track I ever heard was 4 years ago when I came across a remix he did of Badklaat’s “Freq Skank” which you can still get as a free download on Soundcloud and after that, I’ve been a fan and following him for years. His EP’s that you should definitely check out would have to be: Termination (2013), Living Dead (2014), Mech Bounce (2015) and his most recent one Beatdown that just came out 8 months ago.

Make sure to keep an eye out because in December/January, expect his very first single out on Never Say Die Recordings. As well as a massive 5 track EP that is going to be released on Firepower Records around February/March.

You’ll be able to catch him in Detroit on New Year’s Eve for BASS Supremacy; which will be hosted at The Russell Industrial Center. 5 stages, 200,000 watts of all the bass is your face and a stacked lineup including; Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Benasis, Codd Dubz and many more.

Bassdrop: What’s the story behind jPhelpz?
jPhelpz: It’s pretty similar to what you hear behind a lot of heavy dubstep artists – I was playing drums and guitar in metal bands and recording my own tracks when I heard dubstep and decided I wanted to give it a try.

BD: For those who aren’t familiar with your music, please describe your style?
J: Bouncy, heavy, swampy robo bass music. Some hip-hop influence, some metal influence. A party for your ears.

BD: Who or what is your biggest sources of inspiration?
J: What inspires me the most is continuing to do bigger and better things, so whenever I reach a milestone or play a sick show or sign some tracks it always gives me such a great feeling of accomplishment and that really pushes me to keep going.

BD: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time when you aren’t making music or playing shows?
J: Xbone – mostly Rocket League and Dying Light atm, chilling with my love/the homies, being out in the sunshine, having some drinks somewhere scenic, Netflix, cooking up a meal, pretty average things I would think.

BD: Are there any new projects we can know about?
J: Besides the single for NSD Black Label and the 5 track Firepower EP – there’s a special track I’m doing a VIP of to really kick off 2017. Also, I have a free 50k EP for when my Facebook page reaches 50,000 likes.

BD: How long have you been DJ/producing for?
J: Producing music since I was about 13 or 14. I’ve been DJing maybe 3 years now.

BD: What are your goals for your music career in the next few years?
J: There are some larger festivals I am dying to play – Electric Forest, EDC, etc. Also, I would like to put out 4 releases in 2017.

BD: If you weren’t a DJ, what would you be doing instead?
J: I’ve thought of that several times. My guess would be doing something computer related.

Bassdrop: Anything else not mentioned here that’d you’d like to tell your fans?
jPhelpz: I really appreciate the kind words and support from everyone. When people come say hi to me when I’m playing a show or even just attending, I always enjoy meeting them and hearing what they have to say. Thanks for all the love, much respect!


Drink? 7&7
Life of a DJ? Wicked but tiring
Food? Crab rangoon
Production Software? FL Studio
Go to track to drop at shows? That’s classified info
Favorite festival/event you’ve played so far? 50hurtz in Amsterdam or Animalz in Paris
Pet peeve? Children and annoying voices
SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Spotify? Soundcloud for dubstep, Spotify for everything else
Bassdrop? DOPE AS F***!!

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