Interview with Severet

Severet Interview

Interview with Severet

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Recently, I Interviewed an underrated bass music artist named Jack; A DJ/Producer who lives in Los Angeles. He rebranded himself and changed his original name to ‘Severet‘ and signed to Black Noir Management to finally feel not restricted to having to stick to a certain genre or type of style. A lot of his inspirations come from artists such as Neosignal (Place & Misanthrop), Mr. Skeleton and Excision. You can listen to his new track ‘Tiger Style‘ with Rum$tep below or on SoundCloud. Check out the full interview after the break.

Bassdrop: What made you want to change your name from ‘CH3T’ to ‘Severet’?
Severet: I just never really felt happy with that name in the first place. When I was making music under ‘CH3T’ I didn’t take producing as seriously as I do now. Plus, I’ve wanted to change my name for quite some time but just never got around to actually doing it until recently.

BD: Why did you rebrand yourself completely?
S: I wanted a fresh start and a branding that wouldn’t restrict me to any specific genre or style. Just something simple and clean-looking.

BD: Who are some artists that inspire you? (Can be any genre) Why?
S: Artists like Neosignal (Phace & Misanthrop), Feed Me/Spor, Mr. Skeleton, and even Excision have all been a huge inspiration to me reason being their diversity in style.

BD: I’ve noticed that you only have one track out at the moment under your new alias. Do you plan on releasing anymore this year or in the upcoming new year?
S: Yes! I have a lot of new music in the works.

BD: How long have you been both DJing and producing for?
S: I’ve been producing for about 5 years now but just started getting serious about it over the past 2 years.

BD: What are some of your favorite labels?
S: Any label that releases good music to be completely honest.

BD: If you could play any festival one day, what would it be? Explain.
S: Spring Awakening Festival in Chicago. I would love to play that festival mainly because it was one of the very first festivals I ever went to and it’s so close to my hometown.

BD: What do you love most about the bass scene and your fans?
S: I think it’s cool how passionate bass music fans are about the scene and how a lot of them will continue to support an artist even if the artist goes out and tries new things and experiments with different sounds or elements. A lot of very open-minded people for the most part.

Bassdrop: Anything else not mentioned you would like to tell your fans?
Severet: Thanks for being cool and supporting what I do.


Video Game? Fallout
City? Los Angeles
Favorite Track? Don’t Lie – Neosignal
Equipment? A computer
Name? Jack
Pet Peeve? People that play Battlefront with bad WIFI
Mixcloud or SoundCloud? Soundcloud
Bassdrop? ❤️

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