Bassdrop Exclusive Interview with Transforma

Transfroma - Exclusive Interview

Bassdrop Exclusive Interview with Transforma

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This past week we had the chance to chat with Transforma who is fresh off his debut Evolution EP on Adapted Records. Evolution reached the number two position in the Beatport top 100 Glitch Hop releases in just its first week of release! Transforma a native of Australia started in the dub scene before recently making the transition to neuro after his new-found love for the genre. Expect many more new releases from Neil as he works on building his portfolio and planning to play in different countries to showcase his amazing talents.

Bassdrop: For those out there who aren’t familiar with your music, please describe your style.

Transforma: I would have to say that my style is very much focused on the ‘neuro’ vibes. Whether it be
neurohop, neurofunk, neuro garage etc, I like to infuse that neuro sound I’ve grown to love to everything I write these days. So I would have to say I like to experiment!.

BD: What’s the story behind your name Transforma?

T: The idea behind this name in the beginning was aimed at me transitioning out several different genres whenever it came to playing shows. But I was also a big fan of ‘Transformers’ as a kid I guess haha.

BD: Is it harder being a DJ/Producer from Australia?

T: It definitely is a lot harder than say Europe or UK especially in the glitch hop/bass scene as it’s still very underground and the EDM scene here seems to be a lot more into the more commercial genres. There is some extremely talented producers coming out of nowhere in Australia at the moment though.

BD: If you could work with any artist, who would it be and why?

T: I would have to say what most people making neuro sound design would say and that would be Noisia. They are just raising the bar to the next level with every single tune they release. They have been at it for 20 or so years and that is just so inspiring to me. Not to mention the amount of tips and tricks you would learn from them when it comes to music production.

This is a tough one but I would also have to say Kursa for sure. Being one of the pioneers/legends of the ‘neurohop’ sound and being one of my biggest influences ever since coming across his music, Not to mention just in general he’s such a rad doooood.

I think that working with him would be absolutely mental!! Would involve a shit tone of bacon being purchased/cooked haha. (And hey you never know :P)

BD: When on tour, what do you do to kill time? Is there even time to kill?

T: I usually take my laptop with me every time I am away playing somewhere and just get inspiration for writing new tunes. I find being in a whole different environment to really get that creativeness flowing. That and exploring whatever town/city I am in and usually spending too much money haha.

BD: Can you tell us a little more about your debut EP Evolution?

T: Sure thing! I started writing Evolution in the final months of 2013 and actually had some guidance and tips from Skope himself when he was in town! I managed to spend a good 4-5 months on the writing/processing/mixing of this 4 track debut and was luck enough to work with some amazingly talented artists in Aberto & Messinian for a few of the tunes.

I guess the whole concept of the term ‘Evolution’ was because as an artist I was growing and evolving from the whole dubstep/drumstep thing into a whole new world of crazy sound design and experimentation with a genre I had fallen in love with instantly.

The amount of sleepless nights, late night convienience store trips for coffee/energy drinks, headaches and such I went through is endless in the writing process of this album haha. But I don’t regret a single moment of it.

BD: Are there any new projects that we can know about?

T: Certainly! I have just released a neuro-garage bit with Nucleoid from the Netherlands called “Nine” on available as an exclusive free download right now which has gained some attention within the 2 days its been up.

I have a 2 track with my mate Scourge from the US almost wrapped up. A split EP about 75% done with my boy Raptus.

Projects in the making/in talks with Prismatic, Shamanic Technology and a few other secret collaboration projects with some big artists coming. Also focusing on writing some new solo tunes in neurofunk dnb and even experimenting with some haunting techno with neuro flavors.

BD: SHAMELESS PLUG TIME! Talk about anything!

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone throughout the world who has supported this debut EP. I have been getting positive messages and such from people in all corners of the world. Never dreamed of my debut doing so well

Also any promoters overseas I am wanting to travel and play shows in different countries next year (As I haven’t done so yet) so please get in contact with me at

Photo by BASE Australia


Favorite City to play in? Melbourne
Favorite DJ/Producer you have worked with? Aberto
What is your favorite track to play at a show? Noisia – Lilliths club
Favorite DJ/Producer at the moment? Fourward
Life of a DJ? Insane
Australia? Underground
Bassdrop? Gimme

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