Interview with We’re Not Friends

We're Not Friends Interview

Interview with We’re Not Friends

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We’re Not Friends consists of Robert Baker and Tyyler Burrett; a cheeky and hilarious duo from Miami, Florida. They make heavy bass music that makes you feel and think like you’re about to get into an intense boss battle with Bowser from Super Mario. We’re Not Friends‘s music is a combination of aesthetic, art and style. The main objective is to give the listener an overall experience that paints a picture and creates a story for every track.

Over the last couple months, they’ve been busy filling up their Soundcloud page with 10/10 fire tracks consisting of both originals and remixes. Some of my personal favorite singles would have to be “It’s The…” and “This Is Your Final Warning“. They also remixed Callie Reiff x Dap’s “Wobble” that is out now for free via Fools Gold Records. Check out the full interview after the break.

Bassdrop: What’s the story behind ‘We’re Not Friend’s?

Robert: Well, in a nutshell, I got unfriended on Facebook by two female friends in one day, and they both hit me with that tagline. It ruined my whole lunch. So of course I set out on a nearly impossible mission to make them both feel incredibly regretful about cutting me out of their lives by attempting to become one of the greatest DJ’s of all time. Even better than Avicii & Borgore… Combined.
Tyyler: The name also traces back to my origins as a label owner and promoter, everything in the music industry is a constant circle jerk of people saying they are your “friends” when in reality when it goes down how many “Friends” will be there for you? Nah man, We’re Not Friends.

BD: Being a duo does each one of you have a role?

R: Yeah, of course. Tyyler has ideas. I execute them. Tyyler suggests that the distortion should be post FX instead of pre, and I realize that it should be turned off completely. Tyyler makes tweets and I race to delete them. Things like that.
T: Yeah I’m pretty much in charge of doing idiotic things and bugging the living shit out of Rob to document on our Snapchat (@werenotfriendz get in on this). I put us in situations, Rob saves the day. I also do a lot of the connection building and final feedback/inputs. In terms of production, Rob for sure handles the workload. My production skills and techniques lie within the realm of professional studio tracking, live performance setups and engineering.

BD: You two are always consistently releasing solid tracks. What keeps you motivated?

R: Crippling fear that the entire internet will shit all over us for being terrible. The dream of buying a nice home on the beach for our moms. The never-ending quest to prove everyone wrong. You know that old chestnut.
T: Honestly, all the people who never believed in me or us. The people who doubt us or our ability. Hell, even my own self-doubt keeps me motivated and inspires me to create and push the brand further than imaginable.

BD: For those who aren’t familiar with your music, please describe your style.

R: It’s music for people who are pissed off at their dads. Fuck you, dad. No, but really we make heavy bass music that makes you think you’re about to enter a boss battle with Bowser. Shout out to our main homies Mario & Luigi for living that life on the daily.
T: Our music is a combination of aesthetic, art and style that paints an overall picture and creates a scenery for the listener with each track. We want to give people an overall experience while listening to WNF. Something like a detailed book that the user can create their own images for.

BD: Most memorable moment to date?

R:Probably the day we both moved all the way across the country to start this project officially. Robert left Ohio and Tyyler left California to both meet up in Miami. Why Miami? Cheap flights and hot dudes.
T: I would have to agree with Robert. The guys are pretty hot down here. Also the day we ate 5 burgers and 40 nuggets each or the time we went to all you can eat sushi three times in a row was pretty fucking memorable.

BD: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time when you’re not making music or playing shows?

R: We play 13-year-old video games to remind us of when life was good. Vaping is a lifestyle for us at this point, and if we aren’t doing either of those, then we’re probably using q-tips or pooping. Oh yeah, Trapstyle, our record label / blog.
T: Mostly play old games and minecraft on our own server with other producers. But TrapStyle also consumes a lot of time. I try to answer every message and reach out to everyone I possibly can who’s music I enjoy. I spend a lot of time talking to people on the internet that’s for sure.

BD: Are there any new projects that we can know about?

R: Probably our release on Captivation Records that’s dropping soon. Hope we can talk about that… Hey Benasis, is that cool? Also, we made this amazing masterpiece with BrennaVK from LA. Now she is most likely going to block Robert like the rest of the girls do.
T: We got this new project called Pop Coorn that nobody really knows about yet. It’s looking like its going to be big.

BD: Who or what are your biggest sources of inspiration for your music?

R: Barely Alive and my brain.
T: I am a huge fan of classic dubstep and some DNB. Caspa. Rusko, Kromestar, Ganja White Night, Sukh Knight, Spor, Noisia, Bad Company, Ed Rush, optical stuff like that really gets me pumped.

Bassdrop: Anything else not mentioned here that’d you’d like to tell your fans?

Robert: Haven’t said it yet.. but… yeah… We’re Not Friends.
Tyyler: Check our mixtape fam. Enough fire to keep a colony of Eskimos warm without wood or whale oil at least 2 months in a heavy winter snowfall.


R: Miami
R: Photoshop
Tacos or Burritos?
T: Tacorittos
Favorite track to drop at shows?
R: uhh..uhhhhh..uh.. ….uhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Levels – Avicii?
T: Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up
R: La’Croix
T: Cocowater
Life of a DJ?
R: Bedroom
T: Worthless
Upcoming artist to look out for?
R: Wooli
R: Who?
T: Needsomeshirtsplz

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