Introducing the Bassdrop Panda aka Nova!

Bassdrop Panda Nova

Introducing the Bassdrop Panda aka Nova!

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We launched this Bassdrop panda design as part of our 2014 Winter Collection this past January. It was a design and idea we loved so much that we hoped our fans would love as well and we were overwhelmed by the support we got for the design. We kept hearing the same question over and over again, “What’s his name?” to which we had no answer for. We simply called him the Bassdrop panda but we knew that was not good enough. So we launched a contest to get our fans to help us name the panda.

After over 30 name suggestions, days of reviewing each name and researching their meaning and background we knew we had found our name. Thanks to Rachel Raver on Instagram @xdiamondeyes87x who give us the name Nova.

Here is the meaning of Nova according to


/ˈnoʊvə/ [noh-vuh]

noun, plural no·vas, no·vae /ˈnoʊvi/ [noh-vee] Astronomy
A star that suddenly becomes thousands of times brighter and then gradually fades to its original intensity.

Just for fun we also looked up the various meanings on, not only does Nova reference to Northern Virginia where Pharrell is from but it also refers to the classic Chevy Nova which the Camaro was based on. On the extreme end we also had this funny meaning; A really hot girl. Someone who makes you “explode” inside when you see her. 

Looking forward to bring out more design with Nova this summer as part of our Festival Collection!