NERS036: Kayten – Run

Kayten - Run

NERS036: Kayten – Run

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Bass trap producer Kayten is back in a big way with her newest track “Run.” Announced October 18 and set for release via all platforms on Nightenjin Records October 27, this will be Kayten’s first single with the streetwear and music brand.

“Run” is emblematic of Kayten’s signature bad bitch trap sound. The single starts with an engaging bassline crescendo before making way for Kayten’s sultry vocals. The passion and emotion in her voice are clear and the powerful percussion in the drop is crushing. Kayten shines on this track, showcasing her production skills with captivating synth work and some sinister melodies.

“Run” ranks right up there with the best of Kayten’s body of work and will feature in her energetic live sets. Here’s what she said about the creative process:

“Sometimes when I take the pressure off of myself to make something for my own project it just pours out of me. I stayed up all night and created the entire main idea right then and there. I made it in a complete flow state. I can’t say I had any specific inspiration because of that, and that’s one of my favorite things about this song is that it’s just fun!”


“It was a musical high I got to experience and I feel really lucky to have finished a song so fast, especially because I’m usually emotionally inspired but this time I just got to have fun and make music without too much emotional turmoil.”



Kayten creates a world of her own as its producer, engineer, and vocalist. Mixing genres like trap, bass, and hybrid with her angelic voice, her unique style is hard to ignore. With a standout story to tell, this 25-year-old’s dark yet relatable lyrics say it all. Her random crazy personality shines through in her performances, making them unforgettable yet thought-provoking. Her next Single coming out in 2020 named “Devil” will turn heads. Adding together her style, stage presence, lyrics and music, Kayten’s rise as the next generation of star artists is undeniable; she is just getting started.

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