Pit Crew V1 Compilation Featuring Bush League, Flozone, Galo, Indvstry, KillWill and Lizzy Jane

Nightenjin Pit Crew V1 Compilation

Pit Crew V1 Compilation Featuring Bush League, Flozone, Galo, Indvstry, KillWill and Lizzy Jane

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We’re off to the races with the arrival of Nightenjin’s inaugural Pit Crew V1 Compilation. From start to the finish line, this remarkably diverse collection goes full throttle, offering six brand new selects built for the night. With three tracks on the bass side and three on the house side, there’s something for everyone to get down to.

First up, returning artist Lizzy Jane drops “My Heart,” leading the pack with the heaviest of bass. Lizzy finds a stride all her own with sonic precision and overall execution. This heart is a relentless one with much imagination and hybrid flair.

Flozone’s “Back” is every bass lover’s dream. It’s hype level 1,000 with massive, buzzing growls and gritty layers in the mid-to-low range to keep the headbangers more than satisfied. Lengthy double-drops mean more bass in your face.

Indvstry turns it up a notch with perhaps the most energetic production on the compilation. Quick hits and dirty stabs go off in untamed formation, with a wild rhythm that feels instinctual. “Legit” packs the bounce and therefore the dance floor.

Switching gears to the house side, the “Night Is Young” and KillWill knows it. Cut this magnetic track open and it would bleed Nightenjin vibes, with a bumping bassline and big club energy. The production is mysterious, unexpected and your latest obsession.

Galo plays with vocal sampling and acid synths for a deep, dark result as heard with “Whack.” Punctuated notes guide the production forward through a winding, underground maze whilst nostalgic dance plucks add familiarity to the track.

Finally, the label’s mainstay duo, Bush League take it home with their ultra swaggy “Gucci Fit.” This masterful, four on the floor groove is highly addictive with its low, driving bass, catchy lyrics and expert use of signature tech-house elements.

Pit Crew V1 Compilation


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