RS-005: Havek – Danger

RS-005: Havek – Danger

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DANGER, this track’s warning label states, “2019 BANGER”. The guys from Havek are starting the new year strong with a melodically intense and dark artistry sensation.

Birthed in Chris’ car during his travels while moving to British Columbia, the idea from the sound forced him to pull over in order to let his creativity flow.

The buildup of the pounding kick drum into the drop explodes with energy. The track sounds welcomingly familiar with the synths one would hear from Zomboy, the auditory stimulation clicks from Snails, or the intense vocal samples of Figure.

When asked about the track, Havek wanted to give the fans a feel of what’s to come this year. Excitingly, the guys are working on a 5 song EP right now, which they said is, “Some of our best work so far.”


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