RS-006: Nitepunk – Mad Beats

Nitepunk - Mad Beats

RS-006: Nitepunk – Mad Beats

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Nitepunk hits us with them “Mad Beats” in his brand new release, which we’re proud to present on Nightenjin.

Anyone who has gone down the rabbit hole of Nitepunk’s releases knows he’s always switching it up. “Mad Beats” never stays in one place for too long, starting up fires left and right that all amount to one sheer heater. There’s no need to put a label on this release, because it’s bound to break rules and expectations at every turn.

Unexpected change-ups drive the track straight into uncharted territory, for a result that’s sure to please the dance floor as well as those riding the rail. Untouchable rhythm and jolting bass arouse a distinct energy that Nitepunk works to his advantage. The number of WTF moments he creates in a standard, 3-minute track is simply astounding.

There’s a reason why he’s one of our Artists to Watch 2019 — so listen up!


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