Synoid Interview

Synoid Interview

Synoid Interview

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Alexander “Synoid” Alonso is a dubstep producer who specializes in harder and darker sounds. A metal head turned bass head, in 2013 he came into the electronic scene with inspiration from Skrillex, and after making a few sounds that people enjoyed, Synoid was born. His musical influences consist of the likes of Mantis, Captain Panic!, Twine, Excision, Datsik, Code:Pandorum, Algo, Midnight T, Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, Volumes and Downlink.

He is both well-known and respected by his peers in the Riddim community; you may have even come across his name or listened to his filthy and face melting tunes at some point. Synoid is currently signed to Crowsnest Audio, with the majority of his music being self-released.

Despite this, he also has releases on two major labels: 193 Records and SGNL. As of right now, he’s in the process of working on his very first LP titled “Dubtoon Network” (themed after the Cartoon Network), which will have 20+ tracks including some massive collaborations with friends that will bring back those nostalgic childhood feels. The best part? When the full-length album is released, it will be absolutely free.

Bassdrop: What’s the story behind Synoid?
Synoid: It’s the typical story of previous metal head turns bass head. Starting with Skrillex back in 2013 and slowly diving down the rabbit hole to harder and darker sounds, I decided I wanted to make this kind of music (this kind of music being dubstep of course). Made a few songs and people somehow liked them, hence, the birth of Synoid.

BD: For those out there not familiar with your music, please describe your style?
S: I would like to say my music is along the lines of “heavy dubstep.”

BD: Are there any new projects we can know about?
S: I am currently working on my first album or LP as it’s called. I’m expecting to be sitting on 20+ tracks by the end of it, including some awesome collaborations with a lot of my friends! The album is named “Dubtoon Network” and all of the songs will be themed after a Cartoon Network toon, new and old. The purpose of the album is to really hit home with my fans. Combine 2 things that bring joy to people by bringing about the nostalgia of watching cartoons as a kid whilst totally jamming out to some heavy music. I’ll be slowly uploading clips of each tune throughout the year until the full-length release which will be FREE!

BD: If you could work with any artist, who would it be?
S: I would definitely have to say a few of them! Midnight Tyrannosaurus is a sample king and one of my biggest influences while writing this album. Dr. Ozi and Trampa are two other legends that I would absolutely love to work with! Of course, I have to say Skrillex as well, as basic as that may sound to some people.

BD: What are your goals for your music career in the next few years?
S: I hope to release on some of my favorite labels, knock out some places on my bucket list that I would love to play, and hopefully have a solid family/ following that can enjoy listening to my music as much as I enjoy making it!

BD: What do you think makes you unique in an industry flooded with talent?
S: Well, I definitely work on a few things to try to “stick out.” I feel I have accomplished making music that is my own, so in a way, unique. I don’t want my music to sound like other’s and I always try to push the boundaries with experimentation. I feel like I have something to offer that isn’t the usual, and that’s the sound of the underground. Also, with everything in this industry being so cutthroat, I try to treat everyone in this scene equally whether it be a fan, fellow producer, management, show thrower, club owner, etc. Staying humble is a major thing to me as I’ve seen so many talented artists destroy their image doing the opposite, plus I genuinely like to make new friends and treat everyone like family!

Bassdrop: This past year, how has Dubstep exploding in popularity affected your music decisions?
Synoid: The booming of Dubstep has made me push harder than ever before, pretty much why I decided to write an album. Now is when all the doors of opportunity are open so why not take all the chances you can? It’s amazing to see all my friends doing great things and that motivates me to do just the same!

BD: Shameless self-plug time! Talk about anything.
S: Well. as every artist would say, check out my SoundCloud broo! I like pineapple on my pizza. Shoutout to all my peeps who have been supportive through the past 2 years that I’ve been doing this production thing! Anyone reading this can feel free to message me anywhere at any time also! Umm… and make sure to keep an eye out for my album!!!! Catch everyone at a show real soon!!!


City? Miami
Cartoon?? Pokémon
Favorite labels? Never Say Die Black Label
Artist(s) to look out for?? DEFECT, Sudden Death, Nacha, Answerd, Skenz, Monxx, Ivory
Drink?? Kraken
One word? Riddim
Food? Everything
Life of a DJ? Rewarding
Bassdrop? Godly!!!

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