TenGraphs Interview

TenGraphs Interview

TenGraphs Interview

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Born in Montreal, Canada, Tengraphs aka Marc Distexhe is an innovator, sound bender and bass manipulator. One of the head honcho’s at Crowsnext Audio, he’s creating a well-known name for himself in the Dubstep scene and ripping faces off the masses. In his early years, he grew up playing metal and spinning hip-hop which gradually led from one thing to the other and for the past 10 years, he’s been immersed and inspired by the electronic scene.

With a unique production style that’s a combination of scary, evil and heavy sounds, he has gained a massive fan base of loyal “Rippers” (similar to Excision’s headbangers) and has played sets all over the world. He also has collaborations with artists such as Code: Pandorum, Lord Swan3x, Creation and Sudden Death. Currently working on an LP and has an upcoming collab scheduled for release on Figure’s “Monster 8” EP. Be sure to also keep your eyes out for the spicy Crowsnext Elite compilation that will be coming out in the near future.

Just a week away until you can catch Tengraphs playing the main stage at Valhalla Sound Circus 2017.

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The Interview

Nightenjin: What’s the story behind TenGraphs?
TenGraphs: TenGraphs, the name, came up with a pun from my last name.

NE: For those out there not familiar with your music, please describe your style and what to expect from your sets/productions?
TG: They can definitely expect some scary, evil and especially heavy music. My sounds all sound like flesh being torn, and my set tend to literally rip people faces apart.

NE: What inspired you to get into electronic music in the first place?
TG: I’ve been listening to drum and bass and other genres of electronic music for easily 10 years now if not more, and I grew up playing metal and DJing hip-hop. One thing led to another and here I am.

NE: What do you love most about the bass scene and your loyal “Ripper” fans?
TG: I love the unity the scene is built on. There are flaws in every music scene, but I feel in Dubstep people tend to help each other out and support each other, and that brings forward very special moments.

NE: Are there any upcoming projects we can know about?
TG: Well now that my Remix EP is out, I’m working on a very big remix, something that has only been done a few times in dubstep. I’ve also got a collab with Figure scheduled to release for his Monsters 8 EP. Finally, I’ve begun working on an LP. And then there’s the Crowsnest Elite compilation which people need to keep their eyes peeled for.

NE: Your most memorable moment to date?
TG: Hard to say, there’s so many. One that stands out is playing in Paris though. That was just something else.

NE: Valhalla Sound Circus is fast approaching, you were included in the phase one lineup announcement; how excited are you and what are you most looking forward to?
TG: Well I’ve been going to Valhalla for a few years now and having had the chance to play b2b with Lord Swan3x last year, and playing the main stage this year, it’s going to be insane. I’m really looking forward to playing and seeing my homies, especially Code: Pandorum, kill it.

NE: Any particular artist(s) that you’d want to work with in the future and why?
TG: Midnight Tyrannosaurus. Simply because our styles would blend so well.

Nightenjin: Anything else not mentioned above that you would like to tell us?
TenGraphs: We’re doing a 100% Crowsnest Showcase in Amsterdam in September. I suggest keeping your eyes peeled for the pictures and videos of that show. It’s going to go down in history.

The SpeedRound

Life as a DJ? No pain no gain
Production software? Logic Pro X
Favourite collab? Midnight T & Kadaver
Go to track(s)? Anything by Qoiet, Code Pandorum and Midnight T
Label? Crowsnest Audio
City? Montreal
Movie? Conjuring
Food? Reeses
Drink? Monster
Nightenjin? Keep up the solid work. Love what you guys do.

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