The Rebrand: Nightenjin


The Rebrand: Nightenjin

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Hey fam,

We started Bassdrop as a passion for design and music 5 years ago after entering a t-shirt designing contest for Steve Aoki. We didn’t win, but this gave us the drive to move forward with a clothing brand of our own and the rest was history!

Over the years we’ve had our ups and downs but we’ve met some beautiful people, experienced some amazing moments and gained some great knowledge of the industry. This can never be changed but as part of the growing pain, you eventually see the bigger picture. After a closer look at where the brand is now and where it’s going, we felt that a fresh start was needed to mature the brand and grow beyond the drop.

Change is sometimes needed to evolve into something bigger. After weeks of brainstorming and research, we narrowed it down to a name that represents the great culture of music and the creative community it has.

With this, Nightenjin [nīt-en-juh-n] was born.

What is Nightenjin you may ask? The heart of the brand is defined by creating new mediums of music and design with the world through powerful, passionate, and meaningful collections. While focused on the concept of a team, the brand’s approach is to create with others and spread positive energy.

We aim to have a unique space in the streetwear and music landscape, the Nightenjin approach to design will consist of bold iconography and graphics that often pay homage to the rich beauty of the night, the music industry and motorsports.

We feel as if this is was the best decision to help grow the brand moving forward. We’re ready for the next level and to start with a fresh slate. Sure it won’t be easy but at the end of the day, it will be for the better with an amazing team and family behind it that we’ve gathered over the years.

This is all coming together over the next few weeks with new clothing designs, artist discovery, new music and many other amazing projects we have in the works.

Lastly, if you have been with us since day one, we have a special treat planned for you!

Danny, Nate and Moazzam