Volac Interview + Detroit Recap

Volac Interview + Detroit Recap

Volac Interview + Detroit Recap

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We had the chance to catch up with Volac on their first-ever stop in Detroit at The Grasshopper Underground as they closed out their tour across the United States. Stas and Sasha are one of Russia’s original G-house duos who had their first big hit β€œDrug Dealer,” on CUFF back in 2014. Since then they have released tracks on Bunny Tiger, Simma Black, Night Bass and have worked with the likes of Destructo, Rrotik and more!

While in the Motor City we talked to the young Russian duo before their debut set about how they started, where they get their unique sound and what inspires them. Plus they tried Taco Bell for the first time!

The Interview

Nightenjin: How did you come up with the name Volac?
Volac: It’s a funny story, 4-5 years ago we were just making a track and tried to name the project which had a lot of vocals in it. After typing vocal, vocals and a few other variations the word Volac came to us. It looks good, sounds cool and nobody else has it.

Volac Detroit

NE: Did you guys grow up together? Or how did you meet?
V: We’ve known each other since childhood. One of us likes more hip-hop style while the other likes house and techno so we tried to mix them together to create something different.

NE: At what point, did you guys realize this project is something big?
V: I can tell you, it’s our unique sound. Every time we try to combine hip-hop, house, tech house and bass house it worked to create our unique music. We started getting support from DJs then Night Bass supported us which was huge. Our tracks are not commercial, its something different you know. We’re so drunk one night and started playing around on our MacBook and microphone to create one of our first big tracks. We’ll always remember this night.

NE: You guys have a unique look going, where did you get the inspiration from?
V: This is just our style and it works as it makes us look different from other DJs.

NE: What’s going with your mix series? We haven’t had one since the Christmas.
V: For each new mix we want to have a special guest and sometimes this takes time. You can’t be a guest if you are not special. I can tell you the next one is going to be
Dillon Nathaniel, he’s young, super talented and a nice guy too!

NE: Tell us about your first experience on Holy Ship?
V: Oh man, craziest f**cking party! But seriously it was something special, we met a lot of producers which we’ve idolized all our lives and that made it really fun. It was just an amazing experience and everyone was drunk all the time haha.

NE: Is this your first time in Detroit?
V: Yeah, it’s our first time in Detroit and were super excited to be here. We’ve heard a lot of great things about the city and the music culture that it has. Can’t wait to play at The Grasshopper Underground.

NE: Talk about anything you want!?
V: We’ve got a new track coming out in March called Like This and a few more we need to finish. You know, we don’t want to release a new track every month as we rather put out quality music. Follow us and stay tuned for more!



Ableton or Login? Ableton
McDonald’s or Taco Bell? We tried Taco Bell for the first time and it was okay.


That Gram

NE: Tell us what’s going on in this Instagram picture (image below)?
V: We were in Russia at a rooftop party in the early morning and I think I was saying look at this guy or chick or something but mixing but not really sure haha.

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