What The F**K Is Nightenjin?

What The F*ck Is Nightenjin?

What The F**K Is Nightenjin?

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Originating in 2012 as a means to outfit festival-goers with top-of-the-line streetwear attire, Danny Ashorineko brought Bassdrop Clothing into the world. Merging twin-flame passions of electronic dance music and design, he honed his craft over several years, successfully releasing flashy, forward-thinking garments with intention. A vast majority of the early work came in the form of this merchandise line, coupled with a blog that handled music reviews and interviews. 

After gaining a firm grasp on the complex inner mechanisms of the industry as a whole, along with help from his good friend Nathan Ismail, Ashorineko acquired a laser-focused direction for Bassdrop Clothing, which gave way in 2017 to the brand that we all know and love today as Nightenjin

Bassdrop Holy Ship

What’s a “Nightenjin,” you might ask? Well, the name derives from two parts; “night” comes from the nightlife culture that permeates and thrives in dance music, and “enjin” is a cheeky allusion to the many moving parts that make an engine successfully work, much like the collaborative aspect aiding in our scene’s exponential growth. 

Sporting a powerful new set of ideals based in design, along with an intent for promoting positive change in the community-at-large, Nightenjin naturally progressed into a platform for music releases, with a major emphasis on underground talent with big-time sound. The brand soon delved even further into the all-encompassing ecosystem of the music industry by incorporating live events locally in Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, Michigan.

Nightenjin Crew
Nate, Qlank, Danny

So, we’ve covered the past and present of all things Nightenjin, and now we’re onto the future. The imprint’s mission is to continue to be a launching point for the best and brightest up-and-comers within the scene, aiding in both promoting their music and imparting priceless industry knowledge to help them attain the success they truly deserve.

With a massively diverse team of all races, genders, and ethnicities seated firmly at the helm, inclusion and representation will continue to be a focal point at Nightenjin. This comes with the addition of brand ambassadors to boost the overall message and plans for more collaborations in all facets. 

Nightenjin aims to grow hand-in-hand with its aspiring roster and dedicated crew, to bolster the brand’s ability to nourish upcoming talent, and ultimately expand into bigger and brighter seas. In coming years, we can see Nightenjin on tour with its curated lineup of acts, making pit stops in their individual hometowns, hosting a Miami Music Week showcase, and coming to a festival near you with their very own Nightenjin-branded stage.

Will you be a part of this Nightenjin? Or will you watch it roar from the sidelines?

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