Billboard Dance 100 – A New Ranking System

Billboard Dance 100

Billboard Dance 100 – A New Ranking System

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There are lots of charts nowadays, DJ Mag Top 100 is probably the most known one in the dance music industry. Billboard started in 1894, its first ranking dates back to 1936 and the magazine has always been considered one of the most precise and authoritative in the sector, so we can’t wait to see what they do with Billboard Dance 100.

Billboard announced its Dance 100 chart. Matt Medved said that it will cover a diverse range of talents, but how does it works? Let’s find out!

What is it?

The Billboard Dance 100 is a data-driven ranking of dance music’s hottest artists. It will be compiled by Billboard’s editorial departments, general statistics (streaming and sales), touring data and a fan vote pool. The vote started three days ago (Feb. 26), when it was announced, and will last until March 16.

How do I vote?

Charting high won’t get any artist too far without fan votes, that’s why is important to vote your favorite artists. You can vote 5 favorite dance/electronic artists at A like on the Billboard Facebook page and the confirm of your email are needed! Participants may only vote once, and any voting irregularities will be disqualified. 

When will it be revealed?

The finalized Billboard Dance 100 list will be revealed online on Billboard between March 21-22, and at an event taking place 1 Hotel South Beach during the Miami Music Week.


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