NERS025: Pit Crew V2 Compilation Featuring Achilles, Adame, matphilly, Pretence and Pvrty Hvrd

Nightenjin Pit Crew Compilation V2

NERS025: Pit Crew V2 Compilation Featuring Achilles, Adame, matphilly, Pretence and Pvrty Hvrd

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2020 has been shitty, to say the least, but music always boosts our mood. That’s why we’re back with Pit Crew V2! For the second year in a row, we’re bringing you the best tunes from our favorites artists in every genre.

“We pride on being a no-genre label and like our first compilation, we want to continue that trend. Music has no boundaries to us.”

– Danny Ashorineko, Co-Founder, Nightenjin

Going off of our motto, the compilation kicks things off to a strong start with the genre-defying “Rydrz.” Blending elements of techno, house, and bass, Achilles breaks the norms of an electronic track in the most masterful way.

Adame brings the heat next with “She Started Prayin.” This bass tune is full of hip-hop vocals and dirty drops, only for your booty bouncing to be brought to a halt with a melodic interlude. The switch-ups throughout the track will be sure to keep you on your toes.

You’ll be ready to party hard with our third track: PVRTY HVRD‘s bass house banger “Thang Low.” With bone-breaking four-on-the-floor beats and springy synths, this high-energy track will keep you dancing all night, even if it has to be in the comfort of your living room.

Keeping the dynamics high with another house track, it’s knives out with Pretence‘s “Blood Bath.” Jam-packed with beastly growls and savage drops, you’ll be ready to throw hands and catch bodies once you press play.

Ending things on a high note, we have arguably the most versatile track of the bunch. Despite its title, “this track is thiccer than pokimane,” it isn’t a parody song about twitch streamers. matphilly mixes jungle beats, wave, and dubstep effortlessly, bringing this compilation to a comprehensive close.

No matter what you enjoy listening to, you’re going to find something in Pit Crew V2 that’s perfect for you. And if you’re curious, you can listen to 2019’s Pit Crew Vol1 here.


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