The Chainsmokers – Bouquet EP + New Single New York City

The Chainsmokers – Bouquet EP + New Single New York City

The Chainsmokers – Bouquet EP + New Single New York City

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As an artist in the EDM world, I always respected any group or individual that spent the time to not only write a hit, but a whole damn album of awesomeness. You know how long it takes to complete an album? A long time. Especially since the industry changes so quickly. So before I even jump into it, I want to start off by saying “respect” and “dooooope” to the boys who successfully pumped out an album that surprised me.

The Chainsmokers didn’t jump in and use the Selfie formula, they came in fresh to death. The whole Bouquet EP has this smooth vibe, perfect for their fall release. Getting the idea of writing genres out of your head to be able to just write beautiful music is something that doesn’t come easy in this demanding world of genre labels, but they managed to do this for all of the songs on the album. Every one of these songs would go over well to almost any crowd you gave it to, and I can’t help but notice how smooth every track is. If they haven’t broken into mainstream yet, then this album is the ticket to make The Chainsmokers a household name. Vocal game is strong all across the board, and they still slip in those cool little parts to remind us who’s in charge here.

Track number four, titled Waterbed, gets an honorable mention, well, because it’s my favorite track out of all of them. They introduce some 808 game into the mix with these super catchy vocal chops, making it a bit different than the rest of the tracks, and standing out enough to be original but still keeping that “I just heard this on the radio” sound that they have introduced to the world with Bouquet, an album that sent me straight back to the studio to get my shit straight. Boys, you killed it. Thanks for being you.


New York City Fun Real Facts :
1) 100 versions of this song were made
2) First place we ever played this song was in Boston, sort of ironic
3) Mets clinched the world series same week we are releasing this! GO METS!
4) This is one of the first demos we ever received when we signed to our first major
5) If you lift a kangaroo’s tail off the ground it can’t hop.


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